A research on the case of dred scott

This is the story of a slave that whished for freedom. After belonging to several different owners, Dred whished to carry on his life as a free man with his wife and two children.

A research on the case of dred scott

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Visit Website Because Mrs. Emerson left him with her brother John Sanford misspelled Sandford in court papersa New York citizen, Scott sued again in federal court, claiming Missouri citizenship.

Originally, Justice Samuel Nelson was to write a narrow opinion, arguing that the case belonged in the state, not a federal court. He ruled that blacks, slave or free, could not be citizens Curtis showed this to be counter to precedent. Nor could Scott have become free by traveling north of the Missouri Compromise line; slavery, Taney said, could not be banned in the territories.

Six justices agreed that Scott was not a citizen, but disagreed over whether a freed slave could become a citizen. Nelson concurred in the ruling but not in its reasoning, and McLean and Curtis dissented.

Republicans assailed the decision, which they saw as an attempt to destroy their nascent party. Democrats divided over the Dred Scott case. Douglas ended up opposing it as counter to his doctrine of popular sovereignty. Eric Foner and John A. The groundbreaking series reimagined.Book/Printed Material The case of Dred Scott in the United States Supreme Court.

The full opinions of Chief Justice Taney and Justice Curtis, and abstracts of the opinions of the other judges; with an analysis of the points ruled, and some concluding observations.

Who Was Dred Scott?

When the Dred Scott case came to the Supreme Court, the nation was in a time of great divide, with pro and antislavery groups arguing about whether new states should enter the nation as "slave" states, where slavery was legal, or "free" states, where slavery was illegal.

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Popular Topics It is not clear whether Dred was his given name or a shortened form of Etheldred. Louis, Missouri, where they ran a boarding house.

The Plaintiff. Dred Scott was born a slave in Virginia around In his owner took him west to St. Louis, Missouri, where he was sold to Dr. John Emerson, an army surgeon. Emerson carried Scott with him as he would any other piece of property, first to Fort Armstrong, Illinois, from to , then to Fort Snelling in the Wisconsin Territory from  THE CASE AND HISTORY OF DRED SCOTT DRED Scott was a slave who was born in Southampton county, Virginia, United states in The importance of Dred Scott was that his case’s decision (Scott v Sanford) led to a .

This research paper is an analysis of Dred Scott vs.

A research on the case of dred scott

Sanford case, the contents of the case, the incidence s leading to the case, the verdict of the Supreme Court on the case, and declaration of Chief Justice Roger B that only the Whites could be the citizens of the United States.

- Dred Scott Desicion The Dred Scott decision was an important ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States that had a significant influence on the issue of slavery.

The case was decided in and, in effect, declared that no black--free or slave--could claim United States citizenship.

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