Arthur meets the president video online

Usually I am completely immersed in what I call "The Arthurverse. This story was just too wacky.

Arthur meets the president video online

Office of the Clerk of the U. President Hoover parted ways with those leaders of the Republican Party—including Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon —who believed there was nothing for the government to do but wait for the next phase of the business cycle.

Arthur meets the president video online

Hoover took prompt action. He called business leaders to the White House to urge them not to lay off workers or cut wages. He urged state and local governments to join private charities in caring for Americans made destitute by the Depression.

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He asked Congress to appropriate money for public-works projects to expand government employment. In he backed creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation RFC, establisheda large-scale lending institution intended to help banks and industries and thereby promote a general recovery.

Library of Congress, Washington, D. As the Depression worsened, banks and other businesses collapsed and poverty stalked the land, and the American people began to blame Hoover for the calamity. Believing that a dole would prove addictive, sapping the will of Americans to provide for themselves, Hoover adamantly opposed direct federal relief payments to individuals.

He was also a firm believer in a balanced budget, unwilling to plunge the federal government into massive debt through a welfare program.

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This is not to say that Hoover opposed assistance to those in need. For example, expenditures for American Indian schools and health care doubled during his administration, and this earned him accolades as the first president to recognize some basic Indian rights.

Hoover also furthered the long-held Quaker interest in prison reform, alleviating prison overcrowding by building new penitentiaries and work camps, expanding educational opportunities for prisoners, and increasing the number of prisoners placed on parole.

He also supported RFC loans to states for relief purposes, though this modest program did little to alleviate suffering or to stimulate economic recovery. Infor example, he signed into law against the advice of many leading economists the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Actwhich raised many import duties so high that foreign countries could not sell goods in the United States; as a result, those countries could not—or would not—purchase American goods at a time when the need for sales abroad had never been greater.

The result was a public relations nightmare for the president. The man who had enjoyed a worldwide reputation as a humanitarian now appeared heartless and cruel.

By the presidential campaignHoover was blaming the Depression on events abroad and predicting that election of his Democratic challenger, Franklin Delano Rooseveltwould only intensify the disaster.

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When he left the White House on March 4,Hoover was a defeated and embittered man. American presidential election, Results of the American presidential election, Source: He believed fascism lay at the root of government programs like the New Deal and argued so in The Challenge to Liberty and the eight-volume Addresses upon the American Road — An ardent anticommunist and foe of international crusades, he opposed American entry into World War II until the attack on Pearl Harbor and denounced American involvement in the Korean and Vietnam wars.The Midterm Elections are fast approaching.

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An educational video for kids. This is a wonderful read-aloud resource for the literacy rich classroom. Marc Brown's famous character, Arthur, wins a contest and gets to visit the President in Washington DC.

Arthur gets nervous that he has to present a speech in front of an audience. Arthur Meets The President by Marc Brown Report this Page Arthur's essay wins a contest and he has to read it to the President in a special ceremony at the White House. T H E A M E R I C A N P R E S I D E N T Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin FADE IN: As the OPENING TTTLES ROLL.

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