Book editing services nyc

Largest percentage of clients have written commercial fiction for women. Projects are edited for content: In addition, clients are offered consultations on career tracking, market conditions and general publishing know-how. The service does not focus on fact-checking; rewriting; copyediting or grammatical issues.

Book editing services nyc

They typically work with words to help writers refine their styles and correct grammar and spelling errors. While there are editors in film, broadcasting, news production, and a variety of other media, a standard editor is someone who makes adjustments to material created and prepared by others before offering that content for outside consumption.

Many editors work with written content, normally either submitted by staff or freelance writers.


For these editors, a key aspect of the job is understanding the aims and audience of the work. As an example, editors for web content and blogs may prefer a relaxed blogging style that allows for flexibility and creativity in verbiage, style, and spelling.

Other editors require writers to adhere to formal style guides, such as AP or MLA, and adjust written content to fit them.

While some editors may work within print, many today work in online media, and editors in either help assign news stories, features, or content among a stable group of writers and subcontracted freelancers. Many editors also assist in the visual layout of content, which can include offering input to a layout editor in print work.

Many editors in the online sphere are expected to not only adjust and alter content for space and appropriateness, but also to assemble and post it online. For editors in the web space, familiarity with HTML and web page layout software may be required for some positions. Editors must have strong written communication skills.

For work in professional media, many companies require editors to have degrees in journalism, communications, or other related disciplines from four-year universities. The requirements for many web editing jobs may be lighter in formal education, but may stress strong subject familiarity and practical experience.

Most editors work long hours in a newsroom or office environment during the week. Oversee overall production aspects of the work in progress. Review ideas, suggest improvements, verify facts and references and perform other accuracy tasks.

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book editing services nyc

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I have always had a knack for seeing mistakes in many facets of writing whether it was a book, a magazine and the worst I’ve found, newspapers. Corporate video refers to any type of non-advertisement based video content created for and commissioned by a business, company, corporation, or, the vast majority of corporate video content is hosted online and is published on the company’s website page and distributed through social media or email marketing.

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book editing services nyc
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