Corporate partnerships

Through this program, RTD is seeking long-term partnerships that will provide value and benefits. Strategic partnership opportunities will be customized to meet specific requirements and, in addition to business generation, will include naming rights, branding, advertising, communication and promotion, access to facilities, on-site promotions and online visibility.

Corporate partnerships

Partnerships between higher education and the private sector are nothing new. Many institutions have dozens if not hundreds of partnerships; my employer Excelsior College has almost a hundred corporate partners.

In the past, the goal for most institutions seems to have been quantity, not quality, of partnerships, to middling, at best, results. We have all learned that MOAs that sit in a file cabinet are not worth the time spent getting them through our busy legal departments.

Today, the pendulum seems to be swinging in the opposite direction as institutions seek out a select few strong partnerships where both parties are actively engaged. High profile successful partnerships between higher education and the private sector are not as common.

A successful partnership is one where both entities are involved and pursuing a common mission. This mission may involve educating employees, educating the public, research or developing new ways to teach skills needed in the workplace.

That means changing the way we do business.

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Communicate in the same language Your first goal is to make sure you understand each other. What are the goals of your corporate partners?

Why are they interested in engaging with your institution? Your best partners are those who want to partner for a specific reason. They are looking to professionally develop their staff, grow future managers, or improve skillsets of employees or future employees to make sure they have vital competencies.

Let us use our words to make sure our strategies are in alignment. Do your programs align with their industry? Do they reward lifelong learning for their employees? While everyone tends to say they promote education, will this corporate partner invest the necessary resources to make the partnership work?

Do they offer tuition reimbursement? Time off for studying?

How can we help you?

Promotions or bonuses for degree completion? The goal of every partnership is to create a win-win-win environment where students, the corporate partner and your institution all benefit.

How will you measure the success of the partnership? Both parties must agree on the factors that will determine if the partnership is successful and how data will be collected. Both parties should also agree on a regularly scheduled time to review this data—yearly?

Excelsior College sends each corporate partner a yearly report quarterly if requested showing the number of students from that partner, retention, persistence, number of credits taken, number of students graduating, amount of tuition reimbursement and the amount individuals are paying out of pocket.

Corporate partnerships

This gives our partners the ability to evaluate the partnership objectively and determine if it is worth the effort required to sustain and grow the relationship. This is becoming easier as colleges and universities are adopting a more data-driven approach. What we consider a high-end customer experience may not be the same as what our corporate partner expects.

How does your corporate partner expect and want to be treated? In this time of instant communication and easily accessible data, corporate partners expect fast service and exceptional customer experience. Are we able to operate or provide service at the same speed as the partner?

If not are we communicating regularly so that they understand we are making progress? Higher education must work on becoming more flexible and responsive if we want to engage with corporate America.

Expect to be the Account Manager Everyone is too busy. Everyone is juggling their workload.

If you want to engage with a corporate partner, expect to manage the relationship and the project.Business partner search or business matchmaking is the process/service of finding buyers/customers, distributors, licensees, and/or other business partners.

This can be provided as a paid service by a commercial organization, or as a free service by the commercial section of a country's embassy/consulate or an association of businesses in a. For information regarding a partnership with the Denver Broncos, please email us at [email protected] The generosity of our corporate partners provides vital support in our work to end homelessness.

A corporate partnership with Crisis offers ongoing benefits for your company, including engaging volunteering opportunities for your employees to support our clients.

Event sponsorships and official partner programs are the pinnacle of activation for maximizing your company's marketing efforts. We will work with you, hand-in-hand, to fully customize a plan to ensure that your marketing objectives are being met.

A business partnership is a specific kind of legal relationship formed by the agreement between two or more individuals to carry on a business as co-owners.

A partnership is a business with multiple owners, each of whom has invested in the business. Corporate Partnerships The Office of Corporate Partnerships is your front door to the University of Kentucky. As the primary point of entry for the business community, we are here to help you access the University’s exceptional students, distinguished faculty, and broad research and service capabilities.

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