Essays on volcano eruption

Hunga Tonga is roughlysquare metres 0. The caldera itself has eroded rapidly in the south, originally allowing an opening of the crater to the ocean in the southeast.

Essays on volcano eruption

It is a raised area of land, which usually forms a mountain or hill. Volcanoes are generally found along tectonic plates- diverging or converging. There are four main types of volcanoes, dome, shield, composite cone and cinder cone, which are based on their shape.

There are three levels of activity, active, dormant and extinct. It killed around 91,00 people. Tambora is a composite cone volcano and is still active today.

The eruption consisted of mostly volcanic ash, which was so large it went up into the stratosphere and spread throughout the earth. Within seconds, ash, lava and molten rock pyroclastic flow started to speedily come down the volcano.

The pyroclastic flow totally destroyed a small Indonesian town, just a few kilometers from Mt. The entire population of the town was instantly killed. Tambora erupted, it is estimated to have been about 4,m tall.

There were no really early signs of eruption but there were some a few days before.

Essays on volcano eruption

Though the eruption was short the long-term effects were huge. The main impacts from the Mt. Tambora eruption were environmental.

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With barely any sun there were major repercussions. It caused the largest famine of the 19th century and major loss of livestock. It even snowed in Quebec during summer! Once all the ash settled into the ground from the atmosphere the soil was fertile and was eventually good for growing crops.

It is assumed that people were not happy with the abnormally cold weather but had to adapt and move on. It would have been difficult time for them. Tambora was certainly a very significant event in environmental history and is an interesting eruption.The Nature of Geography What Do Geographers Do?

Volcanologist A volcanologist is a geographer who specialises in working with volcanoes. Their responsibilities range from observing volcanic eruptions, to monitoring volcanoes, to analysing samples of rock from volcanoes and even predicting when the next eruption of a dormant volcano may occur.


Volcanic eruption is harmful because it causes massive destruction to a place, suffocation and death. Many of you must know that volcanic eruption is very dangerous.

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Mauna Kea is one of five volcanoes that form the island of Hawaii, the largest and youngest island of the Hawaiian–Emperor seamount chain. Of these five hotspot volcanoes, Mauna Kea is the fourth oldest and fourth most active.

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It began as a preshield volcano driven by the Hawaii hotspot around one million years ago, and became exceptionally active during its shield stage until , years ago.

Free Helen Keller papers, essays, and research papers. The Volcanic Eruption of Mount Saint Helens On the 18th of May mount saint. Helens Erupted all thought Mount Saint Helens is a volcano the eruption in was actually caused by an earthquake the earthquake was on the Richter scale.

Essays on volcano eruption

The tremor trigged the biggest landslide ever recorded this was due to molten rock movement.

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