How to properly disassemble and clean a drum set

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How to properly disassemble and clean a drum set

Keeping in mind there are almost as many strongly held opinions on this subject as there are drummers in the world, if you understand some basic principles, finding a setup that works with you rather than against you will be much, much easier.

This is your center of power, so make sure you feel centered and balanced at all times. A good place to start is with your thighs nearly parallel to the ground, with your knees just below the tops of your legs.

Keep in mind that your upper leg should be parallel with the drum, with a straight line running from your hip flexor all the way through to the resonant head so that energy from your hip is focused straight down into your bass drum pedal.

Start with something around belt-buckle height and adjust from there until you can hit rimshots and ghost notes comfortably and consistently at every dynamic. Traditional-grip players sometimes angle the snare away from the body, drum corps—style i.

Most companies will include a hoop protector pad with a sticky backing that you can lay down on the hoop where the clamp grips on. You want to attach the pedal clamp right in the center of the hoop Fig.

Clamping it at the fulcrum will give it a more responsive throw and rebound off the head. You want a direct, straight line from the toe of your hi-hat pedal up through your leg to your hip flexor. Most drummers play some combination of open-handed and crossover playing, and so the height of the hi-hats will be somewhere in between.

Find the height that allows you to comfortably alternate those stick positions with alternating eighth-notes while playing a backbeat beats 2 and 4 on the snare.

How to properly disassemble and clean a drum set

While sitting upright and centered, your hi-hat and snare should be easily reachable and comfortable to play without overextending at all.

This especially comes into play when we add the toms. This arrangement allows you to do fast, comfortable tom runs and reach every major part of your kit with a minimum of effort and without expending any extra energy worrying about readjusting for accuracy.

Set the drums so you can hit them at the correct angle and height without raising or lowering your arm, shoulder, or wrist in some unnatural way.

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How to properly disassemble and clean a drum set

All of them have more than acceptable performance, not far from today's superbikes. To clean, first disassemble your drum set and remove the hardware from your drums. Once you’ve disassembled everything, remove dust and grit from your drum shells by dusting with a microfiber cloth.

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