I wish i could turn back

This story has many variants, religious and secular, scientific, economic and mystic. It is the story of human centrality, of a species destined to be lord of all it surveys, unconfined by the limits that apply to other, lesser creatures.

I wish i could turn back

History[ edit ] Early history and Middle Ages[ edit ] Depiction of a judicial combat in the Dresden codex of the Sachsenspiegel early to midth centuryillustrating the provision that the two combatants must "share the sun", i. Single combat Commemorative poster for the fourth centennial of the Disfida di Barletta, the Challenge of Barlettafought on 13 February between 13 Italian and 13 French knights all shown wearing full plate armour.

In Western society, the formal concept of a duel developed out of the medieval judicial duel and older pre-Christian practices such as the Viking Age holmgang. In Medieval society, judicial duels were fought by knights and squires to end various disputes.

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Judicial combat took two forms in medieval society, the feat of arms and chivalric combat. The battle was fought as a result of a slight or challenge to one party's honor which could not be resolved by a court.

Weapons were standardized and typical of a knight's armoury, for example longswords, polearms I wish i could turn back. The parties involved would wear their own armour; for example, one knight wearing full plate might face another wearing chain mail. The duel lasted until one party could no longer fight back.

In early cases, the defeated party was then executed. This type of duel soon evolved into the more chivalric pas d'armesor "passage of arms", a chivalric hastilude that evolved in the late 14th century and remained popular through the 15th century.

A knight or group of knights tenans or "holders" would stake out a travelled spot, such as a bridge or city gate, and let it be known that any other knight who wished to pass venans or "comers" must first fight, or be disgraced.

If a lady passed unescorted, she would leave behind a glove or scarf, to be rescued and returned to her by a future knight who passed that way.

The Roman Catholic Church was critical of dueling throughout medieval history, frowning both on the traditions of judicial combat and on the duel on points of honor among the nobility. Judicial duels were deprecated by the Lateran Council ofbut the judicial duel persisted in the Holy Roman Empire into the 15th century.

Renaissance early modern period[ edit ] During the early Renaissancedueling established the status of a respectable gentleman and was an accepted manner to resolve disputes. Dueling remained highly popular in European society, despite various attempts at banning the practice.

The first published code duelloor "code of dueling", appeared in Renaissance Italy. The first formalized national code was France 's, during the Renaissance.

Ina code of practice was drawn up for the regulation of duels, at the Summer assizes in the town of ClonmelCounty TipperaryIreland. A copy of the code, known as 'The twenty-six commandments', was to be kept in a gentleman's pistol case for reference should a dispute arise regarding procedure.

Despite these efforts, dueling continued unabated, and it is estimated that between andFrench officers fought 10, duels, leading to over deaths. The cultivated art of politeness demanded that there should be no outward displays of anger or violence, and the concept of honor became more personalized.

By the s the practice of dueling was increasingly coming under attack from many sections of enlightened society, as a violent relic of Europe's medieval past unsuited for modern life.

As England began to industrialize and benefit from urban planning and more effective police forcesthe culture of street violence in general began to slowly wane. The growing middle class maintained their reputation with recourse to either bringing charges of libelor to the fast-growing print media of the early nineteenth century, where they could defend their honor and resolve conflicts through correspondence in newspapers.

Influential new intellectual trends at the turn of the nineteenth century bolstered the anti-dueling campaign; the utilitarian philosophy of Jeremy Bentham stressed that praiseworthy actions were exclusively restricted to those that maximize human welfare and happiness, and the Evangelical notion of the "Christian conscience" began to actively promote social activism.

Individuals in the Clapham Sect and similar societies, who had successfully campaigned for the abolition of slaverycondemned dueling as ungodly violence and as an egocentric culture of honor. Between and the Civil Warthe US Navy lost two-thirds as many officers to dueling as it did in combat at sea, including naval hero Stephen Decatur.

I wish i could turn back

Many of those killed or wounded were midshipmen or junior officers.At some point today, you’ll probably do one or all of these things: Flip a switch for light. Take fresh food from a refrigerator. Turn a dial to make your home warmer or cooler. s_hussain6 I think we all wish to turn the clock back 😊 furshet_anapa Какая прелесть🌹🌹🌹 saikaul 😘😘😘.

A. No, never.

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I wish i could turn back

Funny, after I saw today's prompt, the word "educate," I began to feel kind of sick. I (of course) flashed back to 38 years in the classroom and saw, again, how much I don't want to go back there. I read an article today by a woman who is teaching university geology.

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Rousseau: Social Contract: Book III