Illegal immigrants annotated bibliography essay example

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Illegal immigrants annotated bibliography essay example

More Essay Examples on Immigrants Rubric This example, according to Kavanaugh, is a persuasive evidence proving that America illegal immigrants treatment system is very cruel even to the priority social groups such as women and children. Additionally, Kavanaugh mentions the protestation fights against deportations by the U.

These examples have contributed to the problem of our current treatment of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Moreover, Kavanaugh agrees that the North American Free Trade Agreement heavily affects the recent increases in immigration.

This open trade has benefited the powerful and technologically advanced producers in the U. Martin Luther King Jr. Nevertheless, unrestrained immigration would not solve the problem.

Thus, the writer claims that the U. Reed claims that the issue of immigration can be seen as completely self-inflicted. To support his claim, Reed says that the illegals come because they recognize our necessity in using their labor and by providing that, they are likely to ensure a better life: So overall, we reject having illegal immigrants in theory but in reality want them to stay to do our work.

This is a conflict situation but also the comprehensive warrant that Reed wants the readers to recognize and understand. He also proves how poorly our law is obeyed. This amount is very small compared to the benefits a restaurant would get from hiring illegals.

On the other hand, the business smuggling illegals into the U. The controlled immigration system is corrupt because of the flow of money. In additional, there are legal Latino and Mexican-American communities that are starting to grow and vote.

Hence, they shall try to protect these illegal immigrants, who are also their countryman, as much as possible. And indeed at one point is becomes impossible From my perspective, I personally agree with Kavanaugh that almost anyone whose background is not a criminal should be allowed to be a citizen of the U.

However, the country as it exists today simply cannot either afford or support an uncontrolled amount of immigrants due to many difficulties. Therefore, we must solve this illegal issue, but in a humane way by giving restricted qualifications while at the same time improving the immigration system.

For instance, base on the problem of restaurants hiring illegals that Reed explains, we should increase the fines to make it financially uneconomical based on the risk.

I believe that stricter punishment would do the job avoiding a relapse in the future.


No one can deny that there is a great chance that the immigrants would contribute wellness and benefits to our society if we treat them appropriately.Annotated Bibliography. Borjas, George J. “Heaven’s Door: Immigration Policy and the American Economy.” for example, gives legal permanent residency to qualifying undocumented students.

It was first introduce back in Ever since then, it has been reintroduced in many forms. The policy prevented illegal immigrants between the. Illegal Immigration to the US Annotated Bibliography Sadowski-Smith, Claudia.

“Unskilled Labor Migration and the Illegality Spiral: Chinese, European, and Mexican Indocumentados in the United States, –”.

Illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty (Essay Sample) Instructions: Please follow the instructions in attachment file.

Illegal immigrants annotated bibliography essay example

make sure after you write the essay, do 3 thing 1- Mapping (brainstorm) 2- FREE WRITING (summarize the essay in one paragraph) 3-Writer’s Report (there is an example about it in attach file). Playlist Immigration Trial Project.

Annotated Bibliography. Student Work Sample - Annotated Bibliography. Created By Sonya; In 1 Playlist(s) Resource Playlists. Immigration Trial Project; Description: An example of what some Lead Attorneys created for their Annotated Bibliography.

However, Spanish immigrants, legal or illegal out number all other immigrants that live in the US. Mexican immigrants only is more than 11 million, more than the population Georgia which is estimated ground 62% of the illegal immigrants in the United States.

Introduction to Illegal Immigration Argumentative Essay. Illegal immigrants crossing into the United States use the Mexican border, the Pacific Ocean, and other routes to sneak into the country.

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