North and south analysis

Character Analysis The Proud Every main character needs to be flawed in some way. And when it comes to flaws, the first thing Elizabeth Gaskell wants us to know about Margaret Hale is that she is a proud young woman. As the narrator tells us, "They had grown up together from childhood, and all along Edith had been remarked upon by everyone, except Margaret, for her prettiness" 1.

North and south analysis

London street on which Margaret Hale has spent nine years living in a town house as a companion to her cousin Edith, who is about to be married as the novel opens. The house is to be shut up as Edith, her husband, and her mother, go abroad, and Margaret is to return home to the country parsonage where her parents live.

The novel reveals little about the house at 96 Harley Street, other than a series of public and private rooms and, at the top of the house, a nursery, where Margaret spent much of her early life.

The life of the house has been formal, with children eating apart from their parents. Helstone vicarage Helstone vicarage. There she is happy to live an outdoor life, visiting local people and walking in the forest.

She dislikes the trees and lack of nearby society and yearns for everything her daughter has happily given up.

North and South Analysis -

It has a drawing room, a dining room, a library, and other rooms not seen. Readers later see the vicarage from the point of view of the next incumbent and his wife, who are renovating and expanding the house to accommodate a growing family.

Elizabeth Gaskell does, however, offer The entire section is words.

North and south analysis

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page North and South study guide and get instant access to the following:Dec 12,  · One of the strongest female characters in English literature is Margaret Hale, the heroine of North and South, written by Elizabeth may not have the wit of an Elizabeth Bennet, nor the impulsiveness of a Catherine Earnshaw, but Margaret Hale does embody the true spirit of a heroineReviews: Free summary and analysis of the events in Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South that won't make you snore.

We promise. Dive deep into Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson's North and South with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. This becomes highly visible in North and South. London denotes the symbol of intellectualism, education, rich and aristocratic classes. Helstone indicates the symbol of old feudal system, a lack of progress, friendliness, faith in God and agriculture.

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North and South Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more.

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