Should death penalty reintroduce into australia

The death penalty in Australia It is almost 40 years since the last man was hanged in Australia. Today, the death penalty has been abolished in every Australian jurisdiction. Opposition to the death penalty attracts bi-partisan political support. Yet in a region where many of our closest neighbours still maintain the death penalty, I believe Australia can - and should - take a stronger stand against state sanctioned execution.

Should death penalty reintroduce into australia

Should death penalty reintroduce into australia

Anti-death penalty campaigners can rattle off 25 different reasons why we need to abolish the death penalty: Despite the overwhelming global trend against executions, a number of reasons for the death penalty continue to come up.

Here is my attempt to respond to them. This seems sensible and logical in every way, until we ask the question: Did you know that since Canada stopped executing the murder rate has dropped by 44 per cent? Does this mean that stopping executions will stop murders?

Of course not, but it does demonstrate that Should death penalty reintroduce into australia issues that drive and prevent crime are too complex to fit into a one line statistic or sound-byte.

The point here is that preventing crime takes long-term research into the causes, effective police work and rehabilitation. All of which can happen without the use of the death penalty. Ironically, with the death penalty, we are not talking about time, we are talking about the opposite.

Both men acknowledge their crimes and recognise that they must face punishment. But a death sentence deprives people of the opportunity to reform. Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan are great examples of reform, one running art classes and the other studying to be a pastor.

Many others who languish on death row across the world have acknowledged their crime and reformed. There is no benefit to the state in killing these people, a senseless deprivation of life.

The immediate counter argument is that the threat of death forces people to reform. Criminal justice systems the world over have had great success of reform without the threat of death, and often due to programs that focus on offender rehabilitation. We know that the death penalty is applied overwhelmingly to the working class, ethnic minorities and other marginalised groups.

This happens not because people in these categories are more prone to crime, but because they have less access to legal resources.

To COSATU 6th National Congress, September 1997

Legal support might not get the verdict is changed, but mitigating circumstances can be presented, alternate arguments explored and evidence double-checked. All of this makes a difference to whether a death sentence is handed down.

Siti Zainab is an Indonesian national on death row in Saudi Arabia. Siti was a domestic worker who, after horrific treatment at the hands of her employer, allegedly killed a member of the household. Domestic workers are often unable to escape their employers treatment in the Gulf and Siti reportedly suffers from a mental illness.

Regardless of the country, a fair criminal justice system does not mean an infallible one — errors can and do occur.

It is cheaper and more humane to execute people. Even I was surprised by the facts on this one. A study done in California discovered that it was actually more expensive to execute a person than to keep them in jail for life.

Often prisoners are woken with no knowledge they are to be killed, taken to a remote location, tied to a post and shot in the chest. For hangings, people are sometimes strapped to a steel board to stop them moving as they are wheeled up to a noose.

Governments often keep this information on executions secret, even to the point of loading some of the guns with blanks so no one definitively knows who in the firing squad fired the death blow.

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And when you get to the details it is simply vengeful and cruel. But what about [insert horrible despot here]: There are a lot of people who have done horrific, unspeakable things, but modern societies should not join their ranks by also carrying out a murder.

People are judged by their actions, and killing another human being is about as profound as actions come.

In spite of Australia’s public stance against the death penalty, there are those who still support capital punishment and believe there are good reasons why the death penalty should be brought back as a legal punishment for certain offences. The death penalty should not be brought back into Australia because it is neither right nor just to kill an innocent person. While there are many reasons against the death penalty, the Australian government has continued the argument about the death penalty since the abolishment in Published continually since , "NEWS YOU CAN USE" was a Blog before "Blog" was even a word! Its intention has been to help inform the football coach and the interested football observer on a wide variety of to pics, usually - but not always - related in some way to coaching or leadership. It contains news and views often (trigger alert!) highly opinionated but intended to be thought-pr ovoking.

Today, thousands of Australians will start a movement and light candles at vigils all across the country to end the backslide towards execution in Asia.What is Expungement Law?

Expungement law deals with the state court procedures for removing criminal records from public view. With few exceptions, arrest and conviction information is available for anyone to see by simply going to the courthouse and performing a public records search.

Transcript of Should the death penalty be reintroduced in Australia? Death penalty-The death penalty is a capital punishment for severe crimes such as murder and has been abolished in many countries because of its cruelty.

Capital punishment in Australia has been abolished in all ashio-midori.comland abolished the death penalty in Tasmania did the same in , the federal government abolished the death penalty in , with application also in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Victoria did so in , South Australia in , and Western Australia in Should Death Penalty Reintroduce Into Australia. ESSAY _"SHOULD THE DEATH PENALTY BE BROUGHT BACK IN AUSTRALIA?"_The debate for restoration of the death penalty in Australia has been ongoing since the abolishment of capital punishment in ashio-midori.coming the abolishment of capital punishment, Australia has not seen any rise in the number of homicides and murders, .

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In the wake of the execution of 8 people in Indonesia, Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce has said that Australia should be discussing the Death Penalty.

He says that people approach him, saying that while he may not agree with the death penalty, many Australians do, and we should have a .

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