Thesis on containerization

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Thesis on containerization

More Essay Examples on Logistics Rubric It was until later that Seatrain Lines invented the use of railroad boxcars that were loaded into ships and transported goods between New-York and Cuba. These companies made the effort of successful transportation of goods on flatcars. The gradual development and more innovation in this field saw the traditional flatcars transformed and fitted with new decks.

Its gradual development, pitfalls and struggles to make it a success and final acceptance involved huge funds that could not be raised by an individual investor.

Major investment industries, trucking companies, individual investors and ports sunk in huge sums of money to make Thesis on containerization story a success. It took further the concerted efforts of leaders in labor unions and long negotiation processes to procure the process of goods transportation in ships or railroads.

However, a break through was finally reached and the world accepted the use of containers when Malcom Mclean successfully supplied goods to the United States soldiers in Vietnam using containers Containerization refers to the system of general goods and cargo transportation is sizes that are small for the conventional transportation system that involve products and cargo in very bulky forms.

It is a system of transportation that employs the application of ISO standard containers that allow the movement of these goods and products in these containers that are then uploaded into railroad cars, ships and other models of transport.

This concept was taken further in the early s in Montreal by White Pass and Yukon Route, the owners of the first purpose built ship that ferried containers christened Clifford J.

Rodgers that successfully accomplished the task of transporting six hundred containers in its first trip Tack and Huat. The achievement and successful transportation of these containers between Alaska and North Vancouver led to an enormous interest in this field of cargo transportation.

This industry has evolved and now employs the use of different types of containers that fit different areas. These containers are always referred to as modal containers because they can be used to transport in more than one mode. ISO containers come in many different types and configuration.

They come in standard heights of between 8 feet and 6 inches.

Thesis on containerization

The high cube containers in this category come in a slightly extended height of 9 feet and 6 inches. They have built insulated walls that prevent external changes in temperature from reaching the cargo or frozen goods.

They have no refrigeration unit in their compartment but only have insulated walls. They are used in ferrying cargo that requires constant and steady temperature level all through the transportation process. They come in different styles depending on the type and size of cargo.

Some of these containers have no bulkheads; others have collapsible side rails while others have open sides fitted with bulkheads that allow folding when empty.

They are always used to heavy, difficult to load or very tall cargo with some suited to ferrying bulky materials. They always come in the shape of a cylindrical tank fitted on a rectangular framework of steel and have similar size as other intermodal containers.

Some of containers are not ISO containers. These include the swap containers that are commonly used in many countries in Europe. They always have open top that makes their transportation through road or rail easy and are strong at the bottom.

Thesis on containerization

This gives them the characteristics that can only allow them to be lifted by their bottoms since they have small body. While containerization industry has experienced an enormous growth its expansion lies down on four major factors: This growth comes about as a result of economic and income generated from different sectors of containerization industry.

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Buy Containerization essay paper online A container is a steel box where goods are placed awaiting transportation. A simple nature of a container makes it easy to carry things on a multi modal basis, i.e. by air or by sea, by rail or truck (Ashar ).

Containerization is a system of intermodal cargo transport using standard ISO containers that can be loaded on container ships, railroad cars and trucks. It has revolutionized cargo shipping.

Today, nearly 90% of non-bulk cargo moves by containers put on transport ships. Containerization is an. Containerization Essay. INTRODUCTION: CONTAINERIZATION.

Containerization as an aspect of freight handling and transportation is today considered a major innovation in the field of transportation of products and goods - Containerization Essay introduction. The first attempt to transport cargo in a container began in early 19th century and involved containers that were much smaller in size than.

Dec 19,  · Containerization - Words The intermodal shipping container is a large steel box that is built in a small number of standard sizes to allow transportation of .

Dec 19,  · Containerization is a method of distributing goods easily by few type of transportation which are road, rail, air and sea. (Freire& Stren, ) The owner of trucking company in US, Malcolm McLean conceived an idea of the development of containers ship in which the containers are designed to have maximum space .

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