Unit 5 cache levl 3

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Unit 5 cache levl 3

Currently Entity Framework does not natively support second level caching. In theory it would be possible to recompile the old caching provider against EF6 but, unfortunately, this would not be sufficient.

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A number of new features breaking some assumptions made in the old caching provider e. Also dependency injection and Code-based Configuration introduced in EF6 simplify registering wrapping providers which was rather cumbersome especially for Code First in the previous versions.

In a typical scenario query results are cached by the wrapping caching provider and are invalidated by the transaction handler if an entity set on Unit 5 cache levl 3 cached query results depend was modified note that data modification in EF always happens in a transaction hence the need of using transaction handler.

Using the cache is easy but requires a couple steps. First you need to install the EntityFramework. There are two ways to do this from Visual Studio. This will open a dialog you use to install NuGet packages.

Unit 5 cache levl 3

Cache —Pre -Pre allows installing pre-release packages. Note that the package depends on Entity Framework 6. Once the package is installed you need to tell EF to use caching by configuring the caching provider and the transaction handler.

You do this by creating a configuration class derived from the DbConfiguration class.

Second Level Cache for EF 1

In the constructor of your DbConfiguration derived class you need to set the transaction interceptor and the Loaded event handler which will be responsible for replacing the provider. Here is an example of how to setup caching which uses the built-in in-memory cache implementation and the default caching policy.

Both, sliding and absolute, expiration times in the default caching policy are set to maximum values therefore items will be cached until an entity set used to obtain the results depended on is modified. If the default caching policy is not suitable for your needs you can create a custom caching policy in which you can limit what will be cached.

To create a custom policy you just need to derive a class from the CachingPolicy class, implement the abstract methods, and pass the policy to the CachingProviderServices during registration.

When implementing a custom caching policy there is one thing to be aware of — the expired entries are removed from the cache lazily. It means that an entry will be removed by the caching provider only when the caching provider tries to read the entry and finds it is expired.

This is not extremely helpful especially because since the item is expired the provider will query the database to get fresh results which will be then put to the cache — so effectively the expired entry will be replaced with a new entry but lets the user decide what the best strategy of cleaning the cache in their case is.

Unit 5 cache levl 3

This method could be periodically called to remove stale cache entries. The project also includes a simple implementation of a cache which caches query results in memory. This is just a sample implementation and if you would like to use a different caching mechanism you are free to do so — you just need to implement the ICache interface.

This interface is a slightly modified version of the interface that shipped with the original EF Caching Provider Wrapper which should make moving existing apps using the old caching solution to EF6 easier. Here is a complete sample app which is using the cache: Join ", ", airline.Nr Company Name TKR Member of Cusip # 1: Ppty Insur: PIH: S: PIH" 2: Degree Cap: TURN: SO: HHGP" 3: ashio-midori.com: FLWS: SO: FLWS" 4: 1Mage Software.

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