Unit 7 world population writing a book

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Unit 7 world population writing a book

Shrinking Cropland in Countries with Weak Family Planning Programs MarchWorld Watch Institute Among the larger countries where shrinking cropland per person threatens future food security are Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Pakistan, all countries with weak family planning programs.

For example, as Nigeria's population goes from million today to a projected million inits grainland per person will shrink from 0.

Pakistan's projected growth from million today to million by will shrink its grainland per person from 0.

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Countries where grainland per person has shrunk to 0. More than three-quarters of a billion people suffer from malnutrition. Between and food production and other human activities degraded nearly three billion acres of vegetated land, an area equal to China and India combined.

Two thirds of the most degraded land is in Africa and Asia. The Next Half Century," by J. Cohen November 23,Science magazine An excellent detailed series of statistics on population growth and the projected changes in the near future. Globally, the annual population growth rate is 1.

In rich areas of the world, the annual rate is 0. In the 49 countries where the world's poorest million people lived inpopulation increases 2. By contrast, the population of today's poor countries is projected to rise to 7. Fertility in the less developed regions is expected to fall to replacement level in From tothe ratio of population density for poor countries compared to rich countries will rise from 2.

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The average infant born in a poor country had a chance of dying before age 1 that was 8. At current birth rates, during her lifetime, the average woman in the poor countries bears nearly twice as many children 2. India will surpass China by India's fertility rate is over three children per woman while China's is about 1.

The report also forecast that world population will hit 9. But almost all of the growth will come in developing nations, and the overall increase is "inevitable" even though fertility rates in the developed world continue to plummet. In 15 nations mostly in Europe the birth rate has fallen below 1.

The projections assume a decline in fertility from 2.

unit 7 world population writing a book

The trend toward lower birth rates combined with longer life expectancy means that the world population will be getting older. Those more than 80 years old are believed to number around 86 million now and will soar to million by mid-century.

The population of developed countries will remain at 1. India will be the world's most populous country by The population in the world's 50 poorest countries will more than double by Afghanistan, Chad and East Timor will see their numbers going up three-fold.

They are unable to provide shelter and food for all their people, but if fertility dropped, they would buy time to face the problems.

Africa has seen life expectancy at birth decline from 62 in to 48 years in due to the spread of HIV and other infectious diseases, as well as armed conflicts and economic stagnation.

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The overall trend shows a lower rate of growth in the past 20 to 50 years. The population continues to grow but at a lower pace. By Julythe world will have 6. Eight countries will account for half the population increase: India's population will overtake China beforewhile Britain will be bigger than France by but Scotland faces a decline.In it was million; in it was million,in it was million (paragraph 1) 2,by the year the population of the world is today we are going to learn about world population - Listen to the teacher and answer the questions - Listen to the teacher and open the book – Unit7, part A: reading environmental.

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unit 7 world population writing a book
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