Write a number sentence that tells what the model represents

Slope Steepness and Direction The slope of a line tells two things: When you're plotting data, slope tells you the rate at which the dependent variable is changing with respect to the change in the independent variable.

Write a number sentence that tells what the model represents

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To leave a general comment about our Web site, please click here Share this page with your network. Shannon Introduction Many students have difficulties when attempting to solve word problems. Many reasons are given for the students' lack of success in word problems.

I do not dispute these reasons for students' failure, but I propose that there is a way to ensure that problem solving permeates the mathematics classroom while simultaneously maintaining student interest.

I have tried to develop a series of lessons that will help teachers develop various strategies to teach problem solving in their classrooms. It is my hope that implementing this curriculum unit will help teachers to teach problem solving in a way that will excite students, assist their connection and application of "real world" scenarios to the problems, aid their use of various strategies, and extend students' abilities to solve math problems in other contexts.

I teach in a school district with approximately 50, students. For the past 12 years, I have taught in under-resourced, urban areas.

My students come with various academic deficiencies. Some of these deficiencies can be positively affected in the classroom, some cannot. Since NCLB has come into existence, when we speak about student outcomes there is not much that matters except for their standardized test scores at the end of each school year.

If students meet standards according to our state test, schools are viewed as successful and the stress in "passing the test" is put off for another year. Sometimes, students can pass the test while simultaneously doing poorly on specific domains. One of the domains that my students have consistently performed poorly on is problem solving.

For the past few years I have focused on mathematics, being a middle school math coach at one time, and most recently being the Early Intervention Program EIP math teacher for grades three, four, and five in my school.

According to my state, EIP is designed to serve students who are at risk of not reaching or maintaining academic grade level. The purpose of EIP is to provide additional instructional resources to help students who are performing below grade level obtain the necessary academic skills to reach grade level performance in the shortest possible time.

Each year, students come into my classroom who are supposed to possess skills that are prerequisites for the math activities that I teach. More often than not, there is a great disparity between what the students need to know to "get started" and what they actually know. Of course, I have to begin my instruction "where they are.

I will have to teach my students how to add two-digit numbers and how to regroup. If they master these two skills, I will need to teach them how to add three-digit addends with regrouping as well. This will be an added issue as I work with my students on nuances involved in word problems.

Ultimately, I would like for teachers to view this unit as one that assists them in helping students to master the complex skills of critical thinking and solving word problems in the primary grades. As the math portions of our standardized tests become more difficult for our students to master because of the plethora of word problems they contain, it is my hope that understanding the different dimensions of word problems will help teachers to become more thoughtful of their content as they present them to their students.

Rationale Young children are naturally curious and have a desire to make sense of their world. They come to school with intuitive ways of thinking about and doing mathematics. They use these early skills that they have acquired to solve problems.

write a number sentence that tells what the model represents

It is evident from the lack of positive results on standardized test performance that the ways in which we have been teaching children about word problems - and possibly even mathematics as a whole - have been disconnected from their understanding of what math is and the relationships between and among numbers.

Learning mathematics involves learning ways of thinking. It involves learning powerful mathematical ideas rather than a collection of disconnected procedures for carrying out calculations. One thing that children must do for themselves is maintain the positive attitude and belief that they can do math.

It is the teachers' jobs to make sure that this attitude and belief of the students is nurtured. Math must be nurtured with a supportive learning environment that promotes risk taking and creativity.

It must also be one that focuses on problem solving. A classroom that focuses on increasing students' proficiency with problem solving will also be increasing the critical thinking skills of those students.A punter kicked a yard punt. The path of the football can be modeled by y = x^2 + x + 1, where x is the distance (in yards) the football is kicked and y is the height (in yards) the.

Name Practice PW95 LESSON Multiply Fractions and Whole Numbers Write the multiplication number sentence each model represents. The first one is done for you. Practice writing the same number sentence in a variety of ways. Learners will explore math cruise ship problems to write equivalent sentences.

Then complete word problems which have been included in multiple languages. The y variable represents the number of years of longevity in the engine.

Therefore, this ordered pair shows that the vehicle's engine longevity is years. write a multiplication equation and a division equation that represent the model shown below 16=d ; Math Write an equation to represent the relationship " a number decreased by 7 is the same thing as 28" and then solve the equation Which comparison sentence best represents the equation?

6x7=42 7 is 6 times as many as 6 is 7 . Model the use of this organizer with the students based on the painting Arbor Day. Explain what is required in each field and take suggestions from the students to complete the chart. Distribute a copy of the "Painting Evaluation" chart to each student.

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