Writing a dance resume for auditions

Date of birth can feel intimidating but is preferred for most dance jobs. Directors may be looking for a more senior dancer with experience, or may be looking for a younger dancer to invest in and groom. If you already possess a visa, green card, or other work permit absolutely list that as well.

Writing a dance resume for auditions

If students are not available to attend the Open Auditions and wish not to submit a video audition, a placement class must be scheduled through the Draper Center Main Office prior to June 16, Please contact our main office at or This email address is being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Pink tights, pink slippers and any solid color leotard. No skirts, sweatpants or shirts. No jewelry, including watches, permitted in class. Hair should be up and off the face with no bangs.

Students are expected to attend every class in the level they are assigned and to arrive on time. Progress in class is dependent upon regular and consistent participation.

Absences are considered excused only for medical or serious personal reasons and must be phoned into the school office. Students entering class late for any reason may be asked to observe class.

writing a dance resume for auditions

Tuition fees are non-refundable, except in the event of serious injury or illness, in which case the student must provide written documentation from the doctor. In these cases, credit may be extended for future classes or a refund granted. Refunds will be pro-rated on a weekly basis.

Class schedules and faculty are subject to change. Students will be assigned to a host family for the duration of the program.

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The host family will be responsible for all meals and transportation. We will do our best to pair our guest dancers with a family of a student that is close in age and in the same level of the program.

Host families will provide entertainment for the guest dancers on the weekends at an additional cost to the dancer.

Host families will be responsible for arranging weekend activities and providing transportation. Students are also encouraged to bring activities to keep them occupied.

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We will provide transportation to and from the airport for students visiting from outside the area. Students must notify the Draper Center staff if transportation is needed.

Room, Board, and Transportation Fees: Draper Center For Dance Education. The school offers a wide variety of programs in dance eduction; classical ballet, pointe, variations, modern and jazz.How to Write a Dance Resume.

BalletHub / For Students / How to Write a Let’s look at the elements of a successful professional dance resume first: Writing a Professional Dancer’s Resume create and join discussions in the forums, and see nearby or search for dance schools, summer programs auditions and performances.

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Jan 30,  · Today I share how to properly write a dance or ballet resume. This is a video I did for Dance Spirit Magazine, so all you have to do is click the link below!.

writing a dance resume for auditions

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