Wwi and wwii comparison

My criteria for inclusion were that the tanks selected had to be a major factor in the war, be produced in large numbers, and be effective in battle.

Wwi and wwii comparison

The United States sent 4 million men across the ocean which was a small amount of the current workforce.

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After World War I, the U. The number of people employed by the military quickly declined. Along with the decline in manpower, there was a decline in wage hours since wartime production was no longer necessary. During this time, the U. Prior to the war, the nation was considered a debtor nation on international capital markets, but this status changed soon afterwards.

Much of this is attributed to the damage sustained by England. After the war, England had trouble returning to the Gold standard, and the physical infrastructure of the country had suffered major war damages. The United States, on the strength of its geographic location was able to succeed England as a new economic giant.

New York City came to rival London as the Global finance center. The other lasting legacy of the War was the creation of liberal economists. There had never been so much wealth in so many hands. The amount of millionaires grew from 75 to in the middle of the decade.

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Starting inthe amount of savings was 17, million dollars. By the yearas the Depression was just starting to begin, the amount of savings had grown to 28, million dollars. This reflects the amount of money Americans had started to make in the s. There were eight straight years in which saving deposits at American banks increased.

Another example of the prosperity was the numerous industries that grew that had not existed prior to the outbreak of World War I. These included the radio industry, the mass production of passenger automobiles, the growth of new fabrics, and chain stores. Contributors to Success As mentioned before, the growth in the savings rate and of new industry were key contributors.

Also, Harry Ford's original vision of high standard of living for manufacturing workers began to take hold. The technological increases made it much easier for workers to increase output and push for higher wages.

While there was an increase in wages, prices held fairly steady until they began to decline in This helped to improve the purchasing power of the dollar. The Bull Market The primary reason for this growth was due to the acceptance of the corporate culture in America.

Towns were increasingly ceding local control of establishments and in doing so, allowing big business an opportunity to profit.

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Investors would borrow money from banks in order to buy securities from large companies which in turn would build movie theaters, department stores and other such retail outlets. This was a major way in which speculation drove the consumption and investment sectors of the economy in the s.

The money would then be repaid back to the broker and the investor would keep the profit. There were several reasons that margin spending was able to happen.Given some of the learned responses to the Dunkirk thread, I'm just wondering how much Buckyvillians know about WWI vs.

WWI. I've probably read + books about WWII over the years, but starting reading more about WWI after spending time in the UK on business and finding a lot more availability of WWI books over there compared to here.

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Wwi and wwii comparison

Compare and contrast world war 1 and world war 2? WWI was a static war (commonly referred to as a trench war) and was by far mostly a land war concentrated in Europe. WWII was by far a truly. May 25,  · So OT which in your opinion was the more horrific war?

I suspect most of you will say WWII as it had greater causalties, especially civilian causalties, and . Ashley Kempkes White 10 December Compare and Contrast TONE of World War I and World War II During the 20th century, the world saw WWI, WWII and the beginnings of the Cold War, but the similarities and differences between WWI and WWII were some of the most important.

Wwi and wwii comparison

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